Saturday, January 26, 2013


Our trip across the continent took 4+ days through freezing weather.  Fortunately the roads were clear and the sky was generally clear.  But as soon as we headed NE along I-90 from Cleveland to Erie, PA, the weather changed and snow started to fall.  As we made our way, we noticed that the toll way in the opposite direction was full of jack-knifed trucks and many cars.  The road on that side was full of snow and very slick.  But on our side, it was free of snow and the road was clear.  We felt we were being watched.

After staying the night in Erie, we finally made it to the mission office about 4 pm on the 24th where we were greeted warmly.  Then the mission staff took us all out to dinner.  We were so tired we hardly ate.

Because our apartment has not been vacated yet, we are staying in the mission home with President & Sister Worthlin.  It is a large 4-bedroom home with a large basement.  Pres. Worthlin told us that it is not their home, but the Church’s home.  We have a bedroom to ourselves, but it is not the same as being in our own apartment.

Friday (25th) was supposed to be our first full day for our orientation at the office.  But during the night, Sharon became very sick with stomach cramps and was in no condition to get out of bed.  I went to the office that morning alone and lasted until just after lunch and I started vomiting. So I went back to the house and crawled into bed with her. Throughout the night we were both going to the bathroom and either sitting or bending over the toilet.  Finally, I got out of bed and kindly asked the President if he would give us a Priesthood Blessing.  We were both lying in bed while the blessing was given.  We were so grateful that we weren’t stuck in a hotel somewhere alone.

While lying in bed suffering and wondering why now at the very start of our service we were in so much pain, I thought of an earlier missionary. (as I relate this story, please do not think that we have any right to compare ourselves to this missionary…the story only was on my mind all night). I remembered when Brigham Young was called to go with some of the twelve to either the eastern states or Britain.  He had delayed his journey many weeks trying to get his affairs in order for his wife and kids.  Finally, they could wait no longer.  Brigham was so sick that they had to carry him to the wagon and put him on a mattress.  His wife was pregnant and the kids were also sick.  He must have been heart-sick leaving them in that condition.  And as they were leaving, he said he couldn’t let them see him lying down so sick, so he got up and waved and shouted…Hosanna!!!

What faith he had to put his whole family in the hands of the Lord and trust that they would be taken care of and that his own health would improve to enable him to proceed on his mission.

We, like Brigham, must put our trust in the Lord….as we have told Debbie many times….this too will pass.

Today, Mom got up around 10 am and I finally made it to the shower at about 4 pm.  Still have many aches and pains, but we are not heaving.
We love you all and can feel your prayers.

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  1. Good you got the sickness out of the way right at the beginning of your mission. Now you won't be sick for awhile :) Love you!