Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring is Peaking Around the Corner

March 2014:

The weeks and months seem to run together with much the same to report. March continued to be very cold--historic cold weather.  Heard a report that the great lakes are now about 97 percent frozen over which is a 100 year record.  The wind chill here is what does one in because it seeps right through you.  Luckily we are not out in the cold like most of the missionaries. Sister Cutler bought tights and wears them almost every day due to the cold.  Even so, the wind would blow right up her skirt and freezes her backside!!!  The lady at the store asked her why she didn't wear pants -- well.
We thought that spring was right around the corner, and we woke up to another snow day!!!

We decided that if there were snow outside we would bring spring indoors.
No new missionaries arrived in March, so it has been somewhat of a quiet month in the office.  Zone Training took place throughout the mission at which Pres. Wirthlin interviews each missionary.  We only go to the one ZT which is held in the Stake Center where the office is located.  Always a busy day when missionaries are coming and going through the office.  We did move missionaries into three new apartments during the month.

We did go to the breakfast at the Ben and Judy Sugarhouse (Maple Syrup) place.  It was a delicious breakfast and of course maple syrup will always be our syrup of choice after eating the "real stuff".  Unfortunately, it has been so cold that the maple syrup was not running.  Latest in 10 years.

Our branch had a record of three baptisms the 29th of March.  It was an exciting time for our small branch!!  About 60 people attended.  Both of the missionaries were 18, and one has been the District Leader for a couple of transfers.  It is so true that "whom the Lord calls He qualifies".  These missionaries (all of them, really) are amazing and grow up so much on their missions.  When they teach through the spirit miracles happen.  We can see the change in the missionaries from the day that they come until their training (Return and Report) after they have been in the mission field for 4-6 weeks.  It is truly amazing.  However, they are still young and have some interesting times.

Still young!!!  This was a frustrating mishap for them, but.......
April 2014:

Brownies (Brown-eees) anyone.  April Fools from sister missionaries!!
April started off with a bang.  New missionaries arrived on April 1st, transfers on the 2nd, departing missionaries on the 3rd and Mission Leader Council on the 4th.( 8 new missionaries including 2 Temple Square Sisters plus two senior couples & transfers involving over 80 missionaries).  By the end of the week we were worn out.  Elder Barlow, who handles vehicles, commented that when this happens, we get all pumped up with the enthusiasm of the missionaries, but when it is all over and they leave, the enthusiasm gets sucked right out of us and we are left limp.  Great description of how we feel on weeks like this.

However, we were anxious to leave on Friday afternoon (April 4th) to drive to Scott's for conference weekend.  It only took us 3 1/2 hours probably because we were so glad to be on our way.  Scott's family always treats us like royalty with pampering, tons of great food and wonderful smiles.  Even Pepper was glad to see us.  She has taken to Sister Cutler.  We went to Jack's play at school to see him perform between sessions.  Scott, Jack & dad went to General Priesthood meeting at the chapel (starts at 8:00 pm).  After the session, they went with about 30-40 priesthood brethren to the Shake Shack and didn't get home until after 11:30 pm.  So naturally, Sunday morning was a sleep in until about 9:00 am.  We had a wonderful breakfast and then Scott, Jack and Dad went on a bike ride (electric bikes) of about 15 miles.  Dad was impressed with the electric bikes and would like to have one.  Sure makes it easy going up hills.

 We were impressed with Scott's kids in the way they enjoyed conference.  After the morning session (12:00-2:00 EST), Mathew commented that "this was the best conference" and starting talking about the different talks.  It was a special time for us.  We did feel a tremendous spirit from the words spoken, and we look forward to reading the talks soon.  We know these leaders are also called of God and their words are very important for each of us to incorporate into our lives.  Audrey wrote a letter in Mandarin to one of the Chinese Temple Square sister missionaries  for us to deliver.

The rest of the month will be busy with Zone Conferences scheduled for the third and fourth weeks.  This will be our last opportunity to attend Zone Conferences in different parts of the mission, so we will be going to most of them.  Pres. Wirthlin still has not received confirmation of our replacements and is starting to get concerned.  He says the missionary department has indicated that the pool of new senior missionary couples has dried up.  He was also very surprised that nothing was said about that during conference.  The other office couple also has no replacements yet.

That about sums up events since our last blog.  The time is flying by, and we can't believe how fast our mission has gone by.  We are truly blessed, and we have had so many tender mercies shown to us during our time here.  We know that the Lord is in charge of this work, as we have said before.  It has been a privilege to serve.  We hope that we are better.  The Lord has been good to us and we so love Him and appreciate the great atoning sacrifice he made for each of us.

We love one and all,

Grammy, Papa, Mom and Dad, Herb & Sharon, Elder & Sister Cutler, Friend

Trammell's visiting Elder and Sister Field at the Family History Mission.
Debbie, Braden & Sam visiting BYU Idaho where Braden will be going to school in the fall.  They are also having a "Celebrating Claire Week".  

Julie with her "second parents", Elder & Sister Field.

 Love to all!   Elder & Sister Cutler