Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 5

Today our teaching experience was to be a couple who had both been active until they were 14 and then fell away.  We prepared with that in mind, and when we arrived they were nonmembers who did not know anything about the church.  They were impressed with Mitt Romney, and they wanted to know more about the church.  We had been planning for a "Plan of Salvation" message, so we had to really change our message.  It was fun to go back to the Restoration and all, but we had to rely on the Spirit to guide us.  Even though these "investigators" are really role playing, we as missionaries had to rely on the spirit to know what and how to teach.  Incredible experience.
I am going to just write random thoughts that I want to remember from my notes:
*      Teach people not Lessons
     Elder Bednar:  Quit doubting ourselves and have faith that the Spirit will guide us.  "If ye have not the spirit ye cannot
        teach."  Honor covenants and keep commandments, and we can receive an impression without even knowing it. 
        We need to follow the promptings of the spirit.  Open our mouths and trust.
*      Elder Holland:  Listen to the spirit to know what to teach.  Teaching with the spirit means teaching with understanding. 
        Eyes of investigators will  tell you all you need to know.
*      Times you need to be quiet and let the Spirit work before speaking.
*      I Will Go and Do......  I Went and Did.
Lots of other random thoughts, but these were especially important to me.  The afternoon we spent on preparing our lessons for tomorrow on strengthening new members and the inactive. 
Refer to Exodus 17:8-12, Alma 17:24-29.  Every new member needs a friend, a job, and nourishment of word of God.  Always follow the spirit and GO GIVE THEM HEAVEN!!!

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  1. Great reminder of trusting that the Lord will guide and inspire us thru the Spirit as we teach. It's something I need to remind myself of all the time!