Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 4

6:00 came early, but we did better getting out of the hotel room than we did yesterday.  Today we had our "Teaching Appointments".  Our investigators were an elderly couple who had had friends who were members of the church and wanted to know a bit more about the church.  It was quite an experience!  Dad is a pro and does it all so smoothly.  I have to remember that I am supposed to participate too, so kind of interrupted him a few times.  I knew the scriptures we needed, but it was difficult to maneuver the light-weight paper.  I was able to get what we needed and asked these "investigators" to read.  We taught the Message of the Restoration.  At the end we were able to challenge them to read the Book of Mormon and have an appointment with them next week.  We were kind of on a high afterwards -- so glad to have that part of the week over.  We learned a lot.
This afternoon at the large group meeting, we were told to teach people not lessons.  When the instructor asked how we thought our teaching was received by our investigators, Dad said that our investigators were ready for baptism and wanted to know where the baptismal font was located.  The instructor laughed and said he thought our investigators were temple workers.  HAHA!!
Our afternoon sessions were preparing us for another teaching experience
At the evaluation meeting this afternoon, our district was being trained for tomorrow's teaching experience -- a follow-up discussion.  We need to be familiar with the Plan of Salvation......
Early in the hotel room tonight so we can catch up on our journaling. 
Love to all.....


  1. Yay! The blog is up!!! We're so proud of you both, especially you Sharon, way to go newbie!

  2. What wonderful mission experiences you are having! I feel the Spirit as you share your testimonies. You'll influence many people as you serve the Lord I know it!

  3. Sharon you go girl. We are so proud of you!!

  4. Love it, keep the experiences coming and more pictures please! We love you tons!