Sunday, January 6, 2013

Entered MTC - Day 1

I just wanted to express the events of this first day.  We went to church this morning with our dear friends, Elder & Sister Field, who start their Family History Mission tomorrow.  They meet up in the Avenues along City Creek, SLC.  Wonderful meetings.  The highlight of the meetings was an elderly brother who came up to me and said that he knew a Cutler in Chicago back in 1960 by the name of Guy Cutler.  Bro. Cutler served in the High Council when he was a Stake President.  Well, I nearly kissed him and gave him a great big hug and said...."Yes, that was my Dad".  He had very fond memories of my Dad & Mom.  Elder Oaks was a counselor to him at the time.  We had a wonderful visit with him.  A sweet tender moment for me.
We arrived at the MTC about 2:30 and learned that we were assigned to stay at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Provo because there was not room for us in the MTC INN.  We had no problem with that, so we went to check into the Marriott and found out that there was no power, hence no elevator, and freezing cold (17 degrees), so we went back to the MTC to wait.  We felt quite alone with no where to lay our weary heads.  We had dinner along with over 2,000 others and did not know a soul.  So we sat at a table that looked like a place for senior missionaries.  The two other couples sat down on each side of going to Myamar and the other going to Uganda.  Then another couple sat down and another tender mercy happened.  I looked at their name tags and noticed the name of Barlow.  So I asked if they happened to be going to the New YorkUtica Mission...and they smiled and hugged Sister Cutler...and now we have met the other Office couple who will be serving with us.  So now we feel accepted and loved.
Tonight we attended the Sunday Fireside with all the misssionaries...what an experience hearing them sing.

"The truths and values we embrace, are mocked on every hand. Yet as we listen and obey, we know we can withstand the evils that would weaken us, the sin that would destroy. With faith, we hold the iron rod and find in this our joy.  Thru test and trial we'll have our fears, but we will not dispair.  We're here to serve a righteous cause; Truth gives us strength to dare.  We'll love and learn and overcome, we'll sing a joyful song, as Zion's youth in latter days, triumphant, pure and strong."

So, tonight we retire with full hearts for the Lord's tender mercies to us today.
Love, Elder & Sister Cutler

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