Monday, January 14, 2013

Loving the MTC

Sunday we had our Sacrament Meeting at 7:30 – early and very cold outside.  After our meetings we went to see Dad’s cousin, Charlie Pyne.  We had a great visit with him.  He was the one who sent the picture of Dad at the top of Squaw Peak with his holding a flag.  It has probably been over 40 years since we have seen him.  I would never have recognized him with his snow white hair and full beard.  His wife was just like Grandma Pyne – setting out lots of things for us to eat.  Great people!!!

We went to a fireside for those leaving the MTC  this week and then to the MTC fireside.  Always great speakers.   I still want to write down some random thoughts so I won’t forget:
  •  Sometimes loneliness is God’s way of showing that we need time with Him.
  • It is not just the best 18 months of your life, but it is the best 18 months for your life.
  • Trials can affect confidence.  Overcoming trials will make us stronger.
  • Be a valiant servant – be the kind of missionary your mom thinks you to be.
  • Come home with no regrets.

Our office training is going to be great.  Our office duties will be varied and lots of new challenges.  We think that the other couple we will be working with will be a fun team, and it will be interesting to see what “duties” they choose this week before we get to Utica.  Today we left our hotel suite at the Marriott with the temperature at 3 degrees and when we returned it was 10 degrees.  You can hardly breathe the air.  We begin our second week at the MTC with classes teaching about the mission office duties.  The software programs the church has developed are extraordinary with on-line help and videos explaining exactly what to do; either with finances, housing, vehicles, newsletters and mission organization.  But one does feel somewhat overwhelmed with the tasks we might be assigned to do.

Every day we experience the excitement of the missionaries.  They are so excited to be at the MTC.  We hear all sorts of languages and greetings.  It is an amazing place.

Love the MTC and it will be sad to leave all of the wonderful people we have met.  We came back early and have been doing our laundry.  Miss you all and send much love to each of you.  Don’t let the kids forget that we love them!!!!!

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  1. Love the notes. Don't worry, the kids haven't forgotten you. So, why do they have two office couples, is that pretty normal?