Sunday, May 5, 2013

Coming back to the mission after an emotionally-filled week in Seattle was not easy.  We did not get back to Utica until 1:30 in the morning and slept in on Sunday until 10:00.  The quiet time together was nice. The next morning we were up early and at the mission office before 8:00.  We arrived to see these beautiful flowers sent by dear friends from St. George.  It was appropriately pink in every hue.  It was beautiful.

We have a staff meeting at 9:00 in the morning, and those are always good for us.  President Wirthlin gave a timely spiritual thought:  Scripture:  Job 22:21 -- "Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace:  thereby good shall come unto thee."  He shared a quote from President Ezra Taft Benson -- "It is a great blessing to have an inner peace, to have an assurance, to have a spirit of serenity and inward calm during times of strife and struggle, during times of sorrow and reverses.  It is soul-satisfying to know that God is at the helm, that we can with full confidence place our trust in Him.  I believe that all the truly great men of the earth have been men who trusted in God and who have striven to do that which is right as they understood the right"  (The Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, p. 68).  This was timely for me, and I believe he was inspired to say these words that morning.  I was caught up and the week gone was not a problem.  Dad had some apartments that needed to be found and rented, and the tender mercies continue as he does this work.  He had hernia repair surgery on Thursday, so he has been under the weather since that time.  However, he has gone into the office each day for a couple of hours and tried his hardest to get done what he needed to do.  He came out of the anesthetic asking for his mobile phone so that he could get the last apartment rental in order.  We went into the office on Friday night so that he could actually cut the checks and get everything done.

Plant arrangement sent from Relief Society friends in St. George -- Beautiful!!

This last week was transfers and we had 25 new missionaries come.  We are so lucky that the mission office is located in a stake center, as we are always in the middle of all of the activities.  We had two elders stay with us on Tuesday night, and were able to get to the office by 7:15 so we could get the breakfast done.  Sister Wirthlin is amazing, and we served breakfast for 45 and lunch for over 100.  When the new missionaries are assigned to their trainers, it is really exciting.  President Wirthlin relies heavily on inspiration from the Lord, and he is very drained when this is over.  On Wednesday night we attended the dinner for the missionaries who are going home.  It was a fabulous dinner!!! 

After dinner it is tradition to have a testimony meeting.  These missionaries are impressive.  I am so grateful that we are included in these special occasions.  One of the elders said something that made a large impact on me.  He said that the reasons we come out on our missions are not always the same reasons for which we stay.  The more we respond and are open to the promptings of the Spirit bring us closer to Christ, and our testimonies of Him, His mission and the Atonement greatly increase.
On Thursday night I did what I have been dreading for three months:  I went downstairs to do one batch of our laundry.  I am glad that I finally did it, but yesterday we did the remainder of our laundry at the Laundromat.  It is just so much faster -- even though the cost is more.  I survived the experience and know that I can go down to the basement if necessary.
Saturday we did a few errands and went to a late lunch at this Hot Dog/Hamburger stand that we have been looking at since we arrived.  It just reopened during April, and the lines go out to the street.  We wanted to find out what it was like.  It was great!  Dad had two great hotdogs, and I had a good hamburger.  It is quite the place and famous in the area for the good food. 
Today we went to the branch, and it was nice to be back.  We are rubbing shoulders with wonderful, humble people -- all have interesting stories from their lives.  We enjoy the drive over there and the scenery has changed drastically since we first started.  The trees are in bloom, the grass is green, and there are flowers also blooming.  Spring has been here this week -- we keep our windows open and the temperature gets up to 75'.  Now once Dad is feeling a little better we will start doing some exploring. 
We love each of you and love hearing from you.  You are dear to us.  We are blessed to be here on our mission and are grateful for this opportunity.  Although we are not proselyting missionaries, we know that the work we do is valuable and we feel the Lord working in our lives.  I have conquered the Mail Merge, so that is one HUGE blessing!!!


  1. Way to go got the hang of the blog thing! Now we can expect a blog update each week :) We are all blessed because you are serving your mission, and even though you are away from family, we are grateful for the example you are setting to each of us. We love you both!

  2. How fun to hear what you are doing! It makes me SO excited to get out there and serve! (Just 3 months!) Ü Great job on the blog, Sharon! I have started one and will invite you once it's really up and going.... Ü