Monday, February 4, 2013

Missionaries are coming!

Today at our staff meeting lots was discussed about the incoming missionaries and the plans for the transfers.  President Worthlin is a living testimony of working through the Spirit.  Our meetings begin and end with a song and prayer.  He also admonished us all to be reading the Book of Mormon.

So busy today, and we did not get home until 7:30.  There is so much excitement with the new missionaries coming next week and lots to do.  Getting the apartments together is a HUGE job.  Buying furniture, kitchen items, bedding, etc. etc. etc.  have to get everything needed for an apartment.  Ours was furnished somewhat haphazardly, but it works fine for us.  It actually is great!!!!  We are so glad to have our clothes out of suitcases.  It was disappointing to lose a few things due to water damage, but what was lost can be replaced.....

Want to end on a teaching moment.  If we have quoted this before, please forgive us...concerns one of the best statements heard about repentance and the Atonement:

"Repentance is changing the doesn't change the past. Acceptance of the Lord's Atonement changes what was done in the past."

We love you all and pray for the Lord's blessing on everyone.

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  1. What a great quote! It will be hanging In our home somewhere once we are able to move back into our normal living places. Love you!